StreetWars is a 24/7, 30 days long water gun assassination tournament. We have hosted games in cities around the world, including NYC, Paris, London, Vancouver, Vienna, Singapore, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

Co-creator & game development

Using the concept from a game we've played in high school, the StreetWars team adapted it into an immersive 24 hours a day, 30 day alternate reality experience.

Video report on StreetWars by Current TV.

We started in 2004 with the most basic rules, and an almost comically rudimentary operation. The players would come meet us to hand over photos of themselves (printed 5x7 pictures from a photomat!). All the communication were only through phone calls and emails, and the game was laboriously tracked with an excel spread sheet. As each game built upon the last, we've adatped it into an internation experience with a fully automated backend and a complete theatrical world for the players to enter and populate.

How does one keep 300 strangers, going to great lengths hunting each other night and day, out of trouble? How does one oversee disputes with an interfacing mechanism as messy and non-binary as water droplets landing on each other? This is without question one of the most interesting and challanging user interface/experience problems I've been lucky enough to tackle.

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Online product design and engineering

Our players are hiding on roof tops at 5am on a Tuesday, and if they make a hit, they want to be able to register it and move quickly on to their next target.

Security, responsive design, all are important to the operation of the game. A thorough Rspec test suite for all possible controller and model operations are essential.

I've built the entire StreetWars web experience from product specification, to UX and visual design, to backend engineering and testing.

Responsive Design

Fast Access & Engagement