PayWithMyBank is an online payments platform enabling merchants to accept ACH payments through online banking.

Company: PayWithMyBank | Role: Director of Product & UX Design


People are understandably reluctant to try something new when it comes to making a payment. Our product hinges on convincing U.S. consumers to use their online banking credentials on a merchant's website during checkout. To succeed, we needed to understand:

  • How do we entice them to try something different from their existing payment preferences?
  • How do we overcome their reluctance to use their banking credentials outside of their bank's website?

Behavioral research with PayPal
Language, design, usability and A/B testing to dramatically increase adoption and conversion rate.

User testing and research

As UX Director I helped design and conduct qualitative user research to gain insights into consumer preferences and behaviors through

  • in person interviews
  • online surveys
  • usertesting.com sessions

To validate and iterate on these insights, I helped PayWithMyBank design and maintain a system of continous quantitative A/B testing. In my time there, we were able to double the adoption and conversion rate for many of our key merchants and gain valuable understanding of how to present and market our product.

Product development with Facebook
Iterative research into adoption behavior with Facebook.

Product development

I worked closely with the business and account management teams to explore new use cases where our product can have an impact. With input from current and potential merchants, including major cellular networks to insurance companies to government agencies, we leveraged our system of rapid prototyping where the teams can use high fidelity, clickable prototypes to shape our product moving forward.

Design and UX

I sheparded the design and UX of our payment product for small businesses and major merchants to create a unified product experience.

Western Union web verification
Western Union mobile verification
Standard payment flow UX, customized for SMB customers