A Sequoia backed company, adbrite was one of the largest ad exchanges in the world serving over a billion ad impressions a day.

Company: adBrite | Role: Director of UX


With a team of four designers, I led our UX efforts to increase spend and customer satisfaction with our self-service advertising platform. By focusing on customer behavior though interviews, observation sessions, and data analysis, we helped our platform grow to over a billion ad impressions a day.

Customer centered design

Our platform served small business advertiser to large agencies. As part of our customer centered design process, we identified key customer segments like new customers, current and active customers, current but inactive customers, and each stratified into spending levels, and wrote SQL queries to quickly identify and automate the initial outreach.

Each quarter, we would reach out and find 3-5 advertisers from each category and run screen sharing interview sessions to watch how they are currently interacting with our product and get general feedback.

By staying constantly in touch with our very diverse customer base, we were able to consistently update the efficiency of their reporting dashboard, and help steer the development behind our new ad products.

Advertiser dashboards

Campaign management
Select campaign targeting
Campaign budget
Ad creative management

Ad product development

Working closely with co-founder Phil Kaplan (Currently CEO of Distrokid, and VP of Marketing , I help shape the development of brand new categories of ad products.


An interstitial like product where the "ad" is simply a landing page selected by the advertiser. We had to iterate intensively to get make sure the viewer understands that they are being shown an ad before their desired content and that their browsing session had not been hijacked. Working closely with our PMs, we were able to make FullPageAd into one of our key revenue drivers.

BritePic & Spottt
Ignorer to spark more innovation, I lead the UX for our agile spin off teams which worked on non-adBrite branded products to test its market viability. Britepic was the one of the first products to let publishers make the static images on their sites into interactive ad units with ad overlays. With input from Zappo’s Tony Hsieh (the original founder of LinkExchange), Spottt was an attempt at a LinkExchange revival.

Publisher dashboards

Manage ad zones
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