Designer, developer,
cyclist & avid cook.

With over 10 years of experience building advertising platforms, payments systems, and cutting edge alternate reality games, I love using rapid prototyping to create experiences and MVPs for new and emerging products.

Selected work

Trusted Lending Circles - UX Design

Design and product strategy for one of the first peer to peer savings and credit dApp on the Ethereum blockchain.

PayWithMyBank - Product Design Director

PayWithMyBank is an online payments platform enabling merchants to accept ACH payments through online banking.

CrowdCampaign - Co-founder

Co-founded with a founder of adBrite to create a consumer focused advertising platform for political activisim.

adBrite - UX Director

adBrite, a Sequoia backed advertising platform that served over one billion ad impressions a day on over 10,000 websites.

Rental Car Rally - Game and product design

Costumed car rally with hundreds of participants driving across 600+ miles, completed with custom web and mobile experiences.

Streetwars - Product & Game Design

A pioneer in immersive theatre/reality gaming experiences, we hosted tournaments in London, Paris, LA, SF, NYC, Chicago, Vancouver, Vienna and that one time we got shut down by the Singaporean government.